Ctrl Pci Tekram DC395UW Wide-Scsi

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Ctrl Pci Tekram DC395UW Wide-Scsi

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The DC-395 Series controllers support ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) managers for the following operating systems: MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/NT, OS/2, SCO Unix, NetWare, Linux and FreeBSD. Other enhanced SCSI-2 features such as Scatter-Gather and Command-Tag Queuing are supported.

Model #: DC-395UW

Interface: Ultra Wide SCSI

Max Devices: 15

Max Transfer Rate: 40MB/sec

SCSI Processor : TRM-S1040

On-board BIOS: Yes (Flash)

Connectors: : 68 pin wide Ultra SCSI Internal, 50 pin Ultra SCSI Internal & External


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